Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating and Fruits

Healthy Eating tips Fruits
Healthy Eating tips Fruits

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Here we point out some interesting things about Healthy Eating Tips, Healthy Eating and Fruits.

Well, OK. Let’s talk about another food group. Let’s talk about the fruit food group. Remember I recommended you get two to four servings per day.

And a serving would be one medium fruit, like this pear here or a half a cup chopped or fruit juice which would be about three quarters cup. That would be a serving.

So fruits make a good choice for a snack or dessert. And you can also use dried fruit too. We have mango slices here. But you wouldn’t use any more of this than you would of the fresh fruit.

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# Healthy Eating and Fruits

If it’s grapes for example, a bunch of grapes would be the equivalent of a handful of raisins. That would be a serving size of the dried fruit. We need the fruits of course for vitamin C and the fiber and all sorts of phyto-nutrients.

One fruit that’s been in the news lately is blueberries. Blueberries are a super fruit. In animal studies it shows that actually reverses some of the experimentally induced symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in rat studies.

# Healthy Eating and Fruits

So very good for preserving your mental acuity. Pomegranate has been in the news lately too. Pomegranate, wonderful super fruit. Some studies show drinking as little as two ounces a day of pomegranate juice can lower the blood pressure. So use the fruits for desserts or snacks.

One of my most loved activities is to utilize the frozen strawberries as a dessert. Just put them in some room temperature water for about five minutes to thaw them out, and it makes a very simple very delicious dessert.
I mentioned about the blueberries, also strawberries, berries, cherries, and grapes have anti-inflammatory properties.

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So if you have any sort of inflammation in the body whether it’s arthritis, colitis, anything like that, you want to eat more of an anti-inflammatory diet which would include fresh fruits, particularly berries, cherries, and grapes. So try to work them in. Get your two to four servings a day.

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